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American Heart Association Heart Walk: Because LIFE is Why!

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My hospital is participating in the American Heart Association Heart Walk this year on Saturday, September 23, 2017. We are working hard to bring awareness to the fight against heart disease. Please help my team, my hospital, and the AHA reach our goal in saving countless lives by donating today!! Click this link to be redirected to my fundraising page through the American Heart Association. Any contribution no matter how small will help impact someones life in a BIG way. Thank you!        


If There Is No Risk, There Is No Reward.

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As a potential future business owner there a number of things that one must always keep in mind. When faced with the topic on whether or not it is ethical for business owners to earn much higher profits than they pay their employees I find myself a bit torn. With this being said, I do ultimately think that it is ethical for a business owner to earn a higher profit/ salary compared to what they pay their employees. To elaborate, the business owner is the one who took the initial…read more

Nursing Life Hacks

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Here are a few things that help me conquer a long demanding shift at the hospital. Wear comfortable shoes. Stay hydrated: I keep a 1 liter water bottle on my cart which I’m constantly refilling. Eat Breakfast your body needs fuel. Organization: This includes de-cluttering your mind. Focus on the present. Have patience (patients and families can get on our nerves but we must remember that they are in a position of fear and angst). Multi-task: Balancing patients, doctors, etc. can be a load. Work smart not fast. Haste makes…read more

Sports Related Injuries

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If you’ve stumbled onto this post looking for a timetable on how soon your star running back can return to your starting fantasy lineup you may as well press your back button on your browser now. Fact of the matter is that elite athletes are not strolling into our offices on a daily basis. Pro athletes are wired different than us, their bodies like highly tuned automobiles…average Americans not so much. Then again as a whole we are evolving as a more active society, with citizens more concerned about their…read more

Holistic Medicine

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Homeostasis – the tendency to maintain a relative state of equilibrium through physiological processes. All of our bodies strive for this and it is often achieved through the reaction between our physical, emotional, and spiritual processes. I like to think of a holistic medicine not as a convoluted approach to a medical diagnosis but rather an impetus to think outside of the box when evaluating our patients. Our patients are only human, constantly being exposed to stress and dangers that want to diminish their health. Targeting symptoms with prescription medications…read more

A Lap A Day Keeps The Dr. Away

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No we’re not all Michael Phelps and are not decorated with more gold than Egyptian Pharoahs, but we can still reap the same health benefits that swimming has to offer. Let’s first dive into the advantages swimming has on our bodies physically. Swimming is low impact training that is one of the few exercises that can provide a total body workout. Swimming can also offer excellent benefits when implemented into a rehab regiment whether it is a swimming stroke or a pool exercise equipment…the sky is the limit with these…read more

Nurse Staffing

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The hospital can feel like a war zone at times a never ending battle against sickness and injury. That’s why it’s important to have the right amount of soldiers with the right skill sets to get the job done. In the case of this blog post these soldiers are nurses. An optimal nurse to patient ratio is crucial when considering patient outcomes and duration of hospital stays. Nurses are like the worker ants of the hospital scrambling from room to room providing treatment, care, and even doing the dirty work….read more

Osteoarthritis Case Presentation

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This case presentation was done on a patient who presented to her primary care provider with a chief complaint of lower back pain. Watch this video and be on the look out for certain characteristics and clues that help lead to a diagnosis of osteoarthritis.


Controversial Medical Treatments

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There is more than one way to skin a cat so the saying goes. This cliche also applies to medicine; multiple treatments can provide the same outcome. One of the most controversial subjects at this point in time is legalization of medical marijuana. There is as much information about the health effects of marijuana as there is water in the ocean. Besides all of the animal testing, and endless statistics, one thing that remains true of medicinal marijuana is that it is an effective treatment in select patients. I am…read more

My Journey Into The Role Of Becoming A Family Nurse Practitioner

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This semester has been nothing short of exciting to say the very least. When I look back and reflect on the past few weeks, I am amazed by the shear amount of new information I have learned. My thought process behind performing a complete physical examination has drastically changed from a nursing perspective to that of a primary care provider. To elaborate, I have been practicing different physical exam strategies on my patient’s at work in an attempt to fine tune and perfect my assessment skills. In addition to practicing…read more