The Notorious D.N.P.

Controversial Medical Treatments

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There is more than one way to skin a cat so the saying goes. This cliche also applies to medicine; multiple treatments can provide the same outcome. One of the most controversial subjects at this point in time is legalization of medical marijuana. There is as much information about the health effects of marijuana as there is water in the ocean. Besides all of the animal testing, and endless statistics, one thing that remains true of medicinal marijuana is that it is an effective treatment in select patients. I am…read more

On A Scale From 0 to 10, Please Rate Your Pain

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This phrase, I’d venture to say has the capacity to be interpreted in a countless amount of ways. As a nurse, we ask this question multiple times per day, everyday. As one would expect, we almost always receive some variation of the ‘standard’ pain scale that attempts to offer an explanation for our patients perception of their pain. Once we have this information, we are then tasked with attempting to keep an open mind and not formulate a biased opinion based on the numerical value given by our patients. At…read more

To Take A Sick Day? or Not To Take A Sick Day? That Is The Question

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Whenever an individual’s health or lack there of is in question, common sense tells us that most people would turn to someone in the health care industry for either advice or to seek treatment. This mainstay of what the majority of us do when we feel like we are coming down with something is surprisingly not the same for those very same people whom we reach out to for help. Remember when you were growing up and certain adults would always drop the phrase, ‘do as I say, and not…read more