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Nursing Life Hacks

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Here are a few things that help me conquer a long demanding shift at the hospital. Wear comfortable shoes. Stay hydrated: I keep a 1 liter water bottle on my cart which I’m constantly refilling. Eat Breakfast your body needs fuel. Organization: This includes de-cluttering your mind. Focus on the present. Have patience (patients and families can get on our nerves but we must remember that they are in a position of fear and angst). Multi-task: Balancing patients, doctors, etc. can be a load. Work smart not fast. Haste makes…read more

Nurse Staffing

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The hospital can feel like a war zone at times a never ending battle against sickness and injury. That’s why it’s important to have the right amount of soldiers with the right skill sets to get the job done. In the case of this blog post these soldiers are nurses. An optimal nurse to patient ratio is crucial when considering patient outcomes and duration of hospital stays. Nurses are like the worker ants of the hospital scrambling from room to room providing treatment, care, and even doing the dirty work….read more

Effects of Shift Length on Nurse Fatigue

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Clearly this topic comes as no surprise to the majority of nurses currently working long laborious 12-hour shifts, however the repercussions of these seemingly ‘normal’ work days goes far beyond what we originally thought. To an outsider (i.e. anyone who is not a nurse) the proposition of working only 3 days a week seems like a dream in conjunction to having the alleged 4 other days off. This fantasy schedule that the majority of society perceives us to have is all but a mirage. Yes, some nurses do only work…read more