The Notorious D.N.P.

Sports Related Injuries

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If you’ve stumbled onto this post looking for a timetable on how soon your star running back can return to your starting fantasy lineup you may as well press your back button on your browser now. Fact of the matter is that elite athletes are not strolling into our offices on a daily basis. Pro athletes are wired different than us, their bodies like highly tuned automobiles…average Americans not so much. Then again as a whole we are evolving as a more active society, with citizens more concerned about their…read more

A Lap A Day Keeps The Dr. Away

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No we’re not all Michael Phelps and are not decorated with more gold than Egyptian Pharoahs, but we can still reap the same health benefits that swimming has to offer. Let’s first dive into the advantages swimming has on our bodies physically. Swimming is low impact training that is one of the few exercises that can provide a total body workout. Swimming can also offer excellent benefits when implemented into a rehab regiment whether it is a swimming stroke or a pool exercise equipment…the sky is the limit with these…read more