My Journey Into The Role Of Becoming A Family Nurse Practitioner

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This semester has been nothing short of exciting to say the very least. When I look back and reflect on the past few weeks, I am amazed by the shear amount of new information I have learned.
My thought process behind performing a complete physical examination has drastically changed from a nursing perspective to that of a primary care provider. To elaborate, I have been practicing different physical exam strategies on my patient’s at work in an attempt to fine tune and perfect my assessment skills. In addition to practicing patient assessments, I am also working on identifying pertinent differential diagnoses and corresponding treatment plans.
Initially it proved to be rather difficult for me when it came to developing differential diagnoses that were relevant to the patient’s condition. At first I wasn’t sure if the list of differential diagnosis had to pertain solely to the reason for the patient’s visit or if the list could include a diagnosis referring to any condition in the patient’s medical history. After shadowing my clinical preceptor, I now have a better understanding of how to develop an appropriate list of differential diagnosis based upon the patient’s assessment in conjunction with their chief complaint.
Transitioning into the role of becoming an advanced practice nurse is not only challenging, but also extremely rewarding. There is a significant increase in the level of responsibility and accountability placed on the APRN and for good reason. As nurse practitioner students, we are transitioning out the nursing role where we predominantly monitored patients for changes in condition, to a role where we have to now determine what the next step is going to be based on that change.