Nurses Unite

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Recently, the nursing profession has been depicted in a very rude and ignorant manner by the women who host the talk show ‘The View’. These women had no remorse when they publicly voiced their opinions mocking the talent chosen by Miss Colorado, a nurse who is in the running for the title of Miss America. For her talent, Miss Colorado performed an innovative and touching personal monologue that she wrote describing an interaction she had with a memorable patient. It is in moments such as the one she spoke about, that truly exemplify how nurses are capable of both touching and impacting the lives of those they care for everyday. Not only do we make a difference in other people’s lives, but they help to make a difference in ours as well. One would think that to be a very touching and inspiring talent, however the hosts of ‘The View’ did not seem to agree. Their negative comments have created a copious amount of backlash and an uproar in the nursing community. Unfortunately, this is not the first time something like this has happened. It is in moments like this that we are forced to become more resilient and hold strong to what we know to be one of the world’s most noble professions. Nurses always have and always will stand together, united by a passion that is unwavering even in the face of such criticism and scrutiny placed upon us by the media.