Sports Related Injuries

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If you’ve stumbled onto this post looking for a timetable on how soon your star running back can return to your starting fantasy lineup you may as well press your back button on your browser now. Fact of the matter is that elite athletes are not strolling into our offices on a daily basis. Pro athletes are wired different than us, their bodies like highly tuned automobiles…average Americans not so much. Then again as a whole we are evolving as a more active society, with citizens more concerned about their health than ever before. In our quests for fitness we sometimes hit roadblocks along the way – injuries. It is important for health care providers to have a wide array of knowledge on the different types of sports related injuries that can occur with any activity. It is essential to carefully diagnose the injury and develop a treatment that will provide satisfactory results with minimal complications down the road. Sometimes surgery is required other times a RICE circuit will get the job done. On the flipside, a tool that has worked for me as a provider is good communication…having the patient relay to me the location and severity of the pain I am able pinpoint the injury. Evaluate patients verbally and physically when forming a proper diagnosis.